Office of Student Returns

The Office of Student Returns (OSR)  reviews, develops and implements official university policies related to undergraduate students leaving and returning to Duke post-matriculation. The mission of the OSR is to guide students through the separation and return process and to make both points of transition as smooth as possible. In accomplishing this aim, the OSR works closely with the student's Academic Dean and other campus partners in order to maximize a student's successful transition. An important objective of the OSR is to create a welcoming environment for all returning students through the  OSR Student Ambassadors program.

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Explanation of our Return Process

Permission to return to Duke after any type of separation must be approved by the Office of Student Returns. All application materials must be submitted directly to the Office of Student Returns.

Eligibility to Apply to Return

General Policies and Expectations: Leaving and Returning to Duke


Return Procedure By Separation Category

Involuntary Separations

Academic Dismissal A student requesting to return from an academic dismissal must apply for readmission.
Administrative Financial Withdrawal A student requesting to return from an administrative withdrawal for financial reasons must submit the “Notification to Return: Financial Clearance” form to the Office of Student Returns.
Administrative (Non-financial) Withdrawal A student requesting to return from an administrative withdrawal for non-financial reasons must apply for readmission.

Disciplinary Dismissal/Suspension

A dismissed or suspended student must apply for readmission after a disciplinary dismissal. Dean Stephen Bryan, in the Office of Student Conduct, must provide a statement confirming completion of the sanction(s).

Voluntary Separations

Medical Leave A student requesting to return from a medical leave of absence requires the approval of the academic deans. Your return to Duke will depend on their assessment of your readiness to resume your studies and be a successful member of the campus community.
Personal Leave A student requesting to return from a personal leave of absence must submit an on-line Notification to Return from A Personal Leave of Absence form to the Office of Student Returns. All return notifications must be received prior to the first day of classes of the returning semester.
Voluntary Withdrawal Students who withdrew from Duke in order to transfer to another institution are not eligible to apply for readmission if their time away from Duke has exceeded two semesters from their original withdrawal date.


The deadlines for requesting a return to Duke depend on why you separated from the university. Application deadlines, procedures and required documentation are detailed on web pages for each type of leave including medical leave, personal leave, voluntary withdrawal, administrative financial withdrawal, administrative non-financial withdrawal, disciplinary dismissal, and academic dismissal. You are advised to carefully read return application guidelines and prepare your application accordingly. We also recommend that you read the Returning Student Checklist.

Gentle Warning: Falsification of any part of your return application will result in you being referred to the Office of Student Conduct for official disciplinary inquiry, which can result in your permanent inability to return to Duke.