Committee on Faculty Research

Committee Charge

The Committee on Faculty Research has two responsibilities:

a) It shall administer funds made available to the Committee each year by the Dean of Arts and Sciences and the Committee will allocate these funds by awarding grants for research, for conferences hosted by Duke University, and for conference travel expenses incurred by members of the faculty of Arts & Sciences, and

b) it shall address larger issues of research that are important for Arts and Sciences faculty.

Committee Membership

Three faculty from each division (Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities) plus a faculty Chair (at large).

Overview of Programs

(More details provided on each application form)

Programs Brief Overview Eligibility Due Dates Forms Review Procedure
Research Grants

- Limited number available

- Priority will be given to faculty who did not receive a grant during the previous year.

- Maximum $5,000 per grants

- Regular-rank faculty

- Active (not emeritus)

Spring 3/20/2015

5 pm deadline

Grant APP AY 2014-15


1) Rated by subcommittee in division.

2) Then reviewed by the full committee.

Conference Travel

- To present at conferences

- Not session chairing

- No more than two per fiscal year (7/1-6/30)

- Total no more than $1,000 per fiscal year

- No distinction between foreign & domestic  travel


- Regular rank faculty

- Priority will be given to faculty with no start-up or research funds.

- Faculty whose research funds have been depleted and faculty with start-up or research funds will be considered as long as funds are available.

- Emeritus


Please apply at least one week before conference date.

Travel App AY 2014-15

Download form, complete and "save as" before returning.

1) Reviewed by Council staff

2) Then reviewed by Committee chair

2014-2015 Faculty Research Funding

In FY14-15 the Arts & Sciences Committee on Faculty Research (ASCFR) will be funding BOTH travel support AND a competitive internal research grant program. This site will be updated as more details of the research grant competition become available. Some money will also be made available to support conferences hosted by Duke University.

There are still restrictions on requests for travel support. If a faculty member has a research or startup account s/he should use that account for scholarly/research travel. Emeriti are eligible however non-regular rank faculty will not receive funding. Trips are limited to no more than two per fiscal year (July 1- June 30), with funding totaling not more than $1,000 for the combined trips. There is no financial distinction between foreign or domestic travel; awards are limited to $1,000. Also, travel to an event where the faculty member is 
only chairing a session will not be funded.  Please see page two of the meeting/travel support form for more details.

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