Quickstart Molecular Biology: An Introductory Course for Mathematicians, Physicists, and Engineers

Philip Benfey

As biology becomes more quantitative and computational, increasing numbers of physical scientists, mathematicians, and engineers are moving into areas such as genomics, developmental biology, neuroscience, and systems biology. The science of molecular biology underpins all these subjects, and an understanding of its fundamental concepts and the key experimental techniques used is essential.

Benfey, director of the Duke Center for Systems Biology in the Institute for Genome Sciences & Policy, provides an introductory course in molecular biology designed specifically for mathematicians, physicists, and computational scientists. He starts by introducing the basic features of DNA, genes, proteins, and cells, before moving on to organismal development, genetic traits, and human evolution. In each case, basic concepts are described in the context of recent technological advances which enables readers to move rapidly from the basics of molecular biology to an understanding of cutting-edge techniques used in cell and developmental biology, genomics, and synthetic biology.