Ingeborg Walther
Associate Dean of Curriculum and Course Development

Ingeborg Walther is Associate Dean of Curriculum and Course Development for Trinity College of Arts & Sciences. She is responsible for monitoring and promoting the ongoing process of curriculum development in Arts And Sciences with regard to general education, education in the major, and interdisciplinary studies. She oversees the processes for requesting and approving new courses, revisions to existing courses, and curricular changes, including proposals for new majors, minors, and interdisciplinary certificate programs. Her other areas of responsibility include program reviews, as well as programs related to less commonly taught languages, online-learning, humanities and other curricular initiatives.

Dean Walther also holds a faculty appointment as associate professor of the practice in the Department of Germanic Languages and Literature, where she has served as director of undergraduate studies and department chair, and continues to teach. She has served on numerous committees and task forces which have promoted and restructured foreign language study at Duke. She has also been an active member of the profession, having served on the Executive Committee of the Association of Departments of Foreign Languages, and presented regularly at national and regional conferences of the Modern Languages Association, the American Association of Teachers of German, the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, and the American Association of University Supervisors and Coordinators. She is the recipient of many honors and awards, including the Robert B. Cox Distinguished Teaching Award for her excellence in the classroom and her contributions to undergraduate teaching at Duke.

A graduate of Stanford University (BA), Tufts University (MA), and the University of Michigan (Ph.D.), Dean Walther came to Duke in 1994 as as assistant professor of German.  Her areas of research and scholarship include 20th century German theater, applied linguistics, intercultural communication, and critical pedagogy.

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