The humanities disciplines use historical, philosophical, and artistic approaches to study the human condition. We study the different understandings and the existing records of the human experience across time and distance. Humanistic knowledge has a crucial part to play in the education of the individual and the betterment of society. The humanities broaden and deepen human awareness, give training in language, art, and rhetoric, build the core competencies of citizenship, and are even more important in a world where work and play have become globally connected.

Departments in the Humanities Division of Trinity College of Arts & Sciences represent some of the top-ranked programs in the nation. Our faculty are leaders in a broad array of disciplines and interdisciplinary studies. Particular areas of teaching and research strength abound in the broad areas of languages and literatures, religion and philosophy, cultural history and visual studies, using the full range of traditional and new digital modes of inquiry. In addition, research in the humanities is strongly allied with the interpretive social sciences. See also the Arts component of the Humanities Division.