Leadership & Administration

The leadership of Trinity College of Arts & Sciences includes scholar-administrators and professional staff who are responsible for the oversight, structure and support of the college's undergraduate and graduate programs; faculty and staff recruitment and retention, faculty scholarship, research and innovation; and technological growth.

The following are some of these core leadership roles:

  • Offices dedicated to faculty support include the Office of the Dean and the Office of Faculty Affairs.
  • Offices dedicated to advancing the curriculum and student support include the Office of Academic Affairs, the Academic Advising Center, the Curriculum Course Development Office, the Office of Assessment, and the Arts & Sciences Faculty Council in collaboration with the Provost's Office of Undergraduate Education.
  • Support and service-oriented offices include Communications, Development, Facilities, Finance & Administration, and Trinity Technology Services.

Administrative Support Services

Office of the Dean
Responsible for the administration of the college's research and educational programs

A&S Council
The faculty's primary institution of governance

Oversees strategic marketing, advises on recruitment, and manages internal communications across the school

Responsible for fundraising in support of TCA&S educational and research programs

Oversees allocation, maintenance, repair, removation and security of classrooms, offices, labs, performance and public spaces assigned to TCA&S

Faculty Affairs
Oversees faculty searches, formal appointment, reappointment, tenure and leaves

Faculty Awards
Faculty teaching, research and mentoring awards, and endowed professorships

Finance & Administration
Oversees the business operations of the departments and programs

Research Development for the Natural & Social Sciences
Proposal development support for PIs in the Natural Sciences & Social Sciences Divisions

Technology Services
Central technology support for research and teaching spaces

Curriculum Administration

Academic Affairs
The Academic Deans oversee undergraduate education and have advising portfolios that encompass pre-major students, the majors, and specialty programs and committees in the school

Academic Advising Center
Advising office and academic home for incoming freshmen and pre-major students

Curriculum & Course Development
Guides the processes for requesting and approving new courses, revisions to existing courses, and curricular changes including proposals for new majors, minors, and interdisciplinary certificate programs

First-Year Seminar Faculty Applications
Process for faculty to nominate a course for the first-year seminar program

Office of Assessment
Provide on-going analysis and research on Duke's undergraduate curriculum, courses, departments and programs in efforts to enhance student learning at Duke

Office of Undergraduate Education
Connects all facets of student life - academic, co-curricular, residential, and social - to provide students with the best possible undergraduate experience

Teaching Innovation
Examples of teaching innovation and funding mechanisms for course development/enhancement

Who We Are

Trinity's core department/programs

Research centers across the school

Trinity faculty membership in Duke's Signature Initiatives

Forum for Scholars & Publics
School-wide initiative to raise the visibility and effectiveness of Duke's broad-ranging public scholarship

Online directory of faculty and staff across TCA&S