Office of Student Returns

Eligibility to Apply to Return

Bursar Account Issues

  • Applications will not be reviewed if you have an overdue Bursar account. You will need to clear your Bursar Account first. If this takes you beyond the application deadline, then you should submit a new application to return in the next application cycle. Please contact

Incomplete Course Work I/X Grades

  • It is advise, but not necessarily required, that outstanding "I" or "X" grades from a previous term be resolved before submitting an application to return. If you have outstanding coursework from a previous semester, you must make arrangements to submit the incomplete work prior to the end of the fifth week of  the semester in which you return to Duke.

Pending Disciplinary Matters

  • Students who have unresolved disciplinary cases with the Office of Student Conduct are not eligible to apply to return. Students who have pending disciplinary matters at the time of their separation from Duke should email for additional guidance. The Office of Student Conduct will notify the Office of Student Returns regarding the student’s eligibility once the case has been resolved. It is important that you start the process to resolve your disciplinary matter well in advance of the application deadline. If your disciplinary proceedings extend beyond the application deadline date, you will be required to submit an application for the next review cycle.

Returning from a second academic dismissal or academic dishonesty

  • Students who have experienced a second academic dismissal, or a second disciplinary dismissal for academic dishonesty, are not eligible to apply to return prior to the passing of five years from their last term of enrollment.