Last updated: May 14, 2013

This section includes policies and procedures for Trinity Technology Services' support of faculty and staff in Trinity College of Arts & Sciences

Hardware & Software

Title Summary
Computer Purchase Program

The CPPAS program is designed to provide a streamlined process for purchasing computers for Trinity College faculty and staff.

Device Management Services

Trinity Technology Services uses a number of device management services to support efficient maintenance of computing devices, including iOS mobile devices.

Personal Computer Support Policy

The intent of this policy is to establish a baseline support model for faculty and staff machines in Trinity College of Arts and Sciences departments, programs and institutes.  This policy will provide guidelines for what level of support users should expect for various types of machines.

Policy for Insurance Coverage of University Owned Computers and Mobile Devices

Duke University provides corporate insurance for university-owned equipment, including computers.

Software in Classrooms

Trinity Technology Services installs and maintains software images on computers in Trinity College of Arts & Sciences classrooms, including the Interactive Computer Classroom (ICC) workstations and instructor consoles in other

Software List

Listing of software supported by TTS.

Software-Related Services

Trinity Technology Services works with the Duke Computer Store and OIT's Site-License Office to provide the following software-related serv

Support for Off-Campus and Personally-Owned Computers

Policy for support of off-campus and personally-owned computers, excluding employees with approved telecommuniting arrangements.

Trinity Surplus Equipment Policy

The Trinity College of Arts & Science policy on surplus equipment reflects Duke's institutional policy. The institutional policy on surplus equipment is located on the Duke Procurement web site.

TTS Warranty and Insurance Programs

Trinity Technology Services (TTS) is offering two self-insurance programs available to anyone in Trinity College of Arts & Sciences. Funds from the purchase of these programs will be retained in TTS, and all repair or replacement costs (minus any deductible) will be paid by TTS.

Systems, Networking & Storage

Title Summary
Account Request Form

Request a Windows account or website account to access shared drives or website editing capabilities.

Administrative Accounts for Personal Computers

Faculty and staff may receive administrative access to their computers (needed to install software and perform other operations).

Data Backup & Recovery

Trinity Technology Services protects users from data loss due to accidental file deletion or corruption by backing up file servers daily.

Data Storage & Archiving

All employees of Trinity College are provided with home directories for data storage on network-based file servers.

Duke NetID

The Duke NetID provides access to multiple services, including enterprise email, calendaring, data storage, the wireless network, TrinityWeb, and other resources.

IT Security Policy

Trinity Technology Services audits passwords for accounts granted on the Trinity College of Arts & Sciences network. All passwords are tested.

Restrictions on Storage of Social Security Numbers

In accordance with Duke University policy, Social Security Numbers can only be stored on Trinity College of Arts & Sciences servers approved for the storage thereof, and then only for uses explicitly approved by the Executive Vice President of Duke University.

Security Services

In conjunction with the Duke IT Security Office, the Trinity Technology Services Security team provides the following services:

Sensitive and Restricted Data


Service Level Agreement Support Fees

TTS Service support rates are associated with service level agreements with non Trinity College of Arts & Sciences departments/units.

Trinity Network Account

The Trinity Network Account provides access to multiple services hosted on Trinity servers and access to Trinity workstations. Apply for access to these services by filling out the Trinity College of Arts & Sciences Network Account Request form below.

Teaching & Learning Spaces

Title Summary
Classroom Orientation

Before reserving equipment,  be sure to note what the room contains and indicate whether you will need additional equipment and/or media support. 


DukeCapture is an automated lecture and event recording solution deployed in a growing number of classrooms across the Duke campus.

Interactive Computer Classrooms

Trinity College of Arts & Sciences maintains two interactive computer classroom (ICCs), or classrooms equipped with student workstations, an instructor console, course-specific software, and specialized multimedia equipment:

Language Labs

TTS manages the East Campus Language Lab in 101 Carr and the West Campus Language Lab in 114 Languages Building.

Request Multimedia Support

Online form to request multimedia services

Reserve a Classroom

Classroom scheduling for courses occurs through the department course scheduling process each semester.

Reservations for semester-long courses

Trinity College Arts & Sciences [TCA&S] classroom reservations  are processed through the TCA&S Facilities Office by the Trinity College Scheduler

Please submit your request using Duke University's 25LIVE web scheduling tool.


One time events are handled differently.

Reserve Classroom Equipment

Before reserving equipment, please be sure to reserve a room using the 25Live system  and make note of the equipment listed in the room by the 25Live system .

Video and Web Conferencing

TTS support video conferences and web conferences in support of research and educational activities for Trinity.

Web Services

Title Summary
Domain (URL) Naming Convention Policy

All URL domain names are administered and approved by the Associate Dean for Commications at Trinity College of Arts & Sciences in collaboration with Trinity Technology Services.

Sensitive and Restricted Data


SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate

Instructions for use and purchasing of a secure socket layer encryption certificate.

Updating Faculty Profiles

All of the content for the faculty profile pages on the Trinity and departmental websites is pulled in from the Faculty Database System (FDS).  Each faculty member can control the content that appears on his or her profile page by logging into