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Each semester, Duke's language and culture departments identify courses that will help students become better global citizens by better understanding the peoples of the world. These classes are taught in English, and are a great way to get ready for study abroad or DukeEngage. They are also a way to extend your study abroad experience by continuing your cultural immersion after you return to campus. What's more, cross-cultural awareness and social fluency will help prepare you for a career in the global workforce and this knowledge will augment the studies in your major. Such courses can also be a way to explore your family's heritage.

Spring 2015 Courses

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AMES 220S Al-Qaeda's Terrorism

Focus on Al-Qaeda as the preeminent terrorist group of contemporary militant Islam , its roots, ideology, and offshoots such as ISIS. Examination...

Egypt, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudia Arabia, Comoros, Djibouti, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates Mbaye Lo,
AMES 221 Arab Society & Culture

Examination of Arab worldviews (including cultural variations, artistic expressions, view about gender, and religion, and perspectives toward the...

Egypt, Saudia Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Pakistan, State of Palestine, Sudan, Algeria, Oman miriam cooke,
AMES 222S Syrian and Iraqi Cultures and Revolutions      A cultural examination of Syrian and Iraqi revolutions in the post-independence period. Through fiction and films and an international... Iraq, Syrian Arab Republic Abdul Shakhly,
AMES 245 Introduction to Israeli Culture

Surveys of Israeli culture from the late 1940s to the present. Examines Israeli fiction, cinema, popular music, visual culture. Major themes...

Israel Shai Ginsburg,
AMES 316S Breakdancers, Vocaloids and Game      Youth subcultural styles, communities, and practices studied across East Asia. Through anthropology, films, and contemporary theory, class... China, Japan, Republic of Korea Dwayne Dixon,
AMES 332S Storyworlds: The Art, Technology and Pleasure of Narrative

Is "tell me a story" an universal imperative? Seminar examines storytelling practices across a broad span of histories and cultures, and the...

China, Japan, Europe, United States of America Eileen Chow,
AMES 352 Modern Hindi Literature

A survey of Hindi literature from the early twentieth century to the present focusing on the power of literary forms to induce aesthetic...

India Satti Khanna
AMES 378S Korean Sociolinguistics

Examination of Korean language in social and cultural contexts from sociolinguistic and linguistic anthropological points of view. Focus on...

Republic of Korea Hae-Young Kim,
AMES 390 Special Topics: Palestine & the Moving Image

Since the earliest days of cinema, Palestine has been subjected to an extraordinary range of moving image practices. This six-week course offers...

State of Palestine, Israel Nick Denes
AMES 416S Vampire Chronicles

Literary and cinematic representations of vampirism, from Dracula to Buffy, Chinese jiangshi to the politics of blood-selling and blood donation....

China Carlos Rojas,
AMES 469S Minor Japan

Examine the history and experiences of marginalized peoples in Japan from the Ainu to ethnic Koreans, from queer to the Okinawans, to challenge...

Japan Leo Ching,
AMES 482 Arabian Nights in the West

Examines one of the most popular works of world literature, The Thousand and One Nights. Considers elements of fairy tales, romances, fables,...

Israel, Turkey, France, Greece, Italy, United States of America, Egypt, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United Arab Emirates Abdul Shakhly,
AMES 511 Documentary and East Asian Cultures

Focus on documentary films from various regions in East Asia, including China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan, studying the specific historical and...

China, Japan, Republic of Korea Guo-Juin Hong,
AMES 532S Research and Writing about Contemporary Chinese

Addresses how to conduct research and write about contemporary Chinese culture from interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives; introduces...

China Kang Liu,
AMES 535 Chinese Media and Pop Culture

Current issues of contemporary Chinese media and popular culture within the context of globalization. Cultural politics, ideological discourse,...

China Kang Liu,
AMES 551S Translation: Theory/Praxis

Examines theories and practices of translation from various periods and traditions (Cicero, Zhi Qian, classical and scriptural translators, Dryden...

China, Japan, Europe, United States of America Eileen Chow,
CLST 181S Greek Civilization

Ancient Greek Civilization occupies an undeniably prominent place in the history of Western culture, and many of our most cherished institutions...

Greece Emily Jusino,, Robert Dudley,
CLST 208 Ancient Myth

Myth is a lot more than magic shields and flying horses.  Myth is coded message—the way a people communicates across generations what it...

Greece, Italy Micaela Janan,
CLST 246 Roman archaeology: origins to empire

How did Rome build an empire around the Mediterranean sea? What can archaeological remains tells us about the bonds between Rome and the vast...

Morocco, Tunisia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Alicia Jiménez,
CLST 275 Democracy: Ancient and Modern

The ancient Greeks invented democracy, and it remains their most famous legacy.  How can understanding democracy as it was conceived and practiced...

Greece, Italy Jed Atkins,
CLST 284 Roman History: The Empire Strikes Back

Rome was a republic first, then an empire. This course is an introduction to Roman imperialism as a military, economic, sociopolitical, and...

Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Israel, Turkey, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland John Aldrup-MacDonald,
CLST 366 Inventing Sickness: The Science and Practice of Medicine in Ancient Greece

What are the scientific, cultural, and social meanings of sickness and wellbeing? How, where, and at whose hands is one to seek healing? How do...

Egypt, Greece, Italy José M. González,
CLST 368 Afterlife of Classics: The Returns of Odysseus

In this course we will read and interpret a wide range of poetic texts in the European tradition that reflect, appropriate and adapt a few central...

Carribean, Greece, Italy Gregson Davis,
CLST 543S The Archaeology of Death: Ritual and Social Structure in the Ancient World

Course Description:  This course studies the material culture linked to funerary practices and traditions in the ancient Roman world (2nd c. BCE-...

Morocco, Tunisia, France, Greece, Italy, Spain Alicia Jiménez,
GER 261 Vikings & Their Literature

Norse sagas and poetry and the Viking world that they reflect. Viking cultural history and mythology, with special attention to the collision...

Germany Norman Keul,
GER 262 FairyTales: Grimms to Disney

German fairy tales of the Romantic era, including both the "literary fairy tales" by known authors and the "folk fairy tales" commonly deemed...

Germany Professor Jakob Norberg,
GER 364 Green Germany

Exploration of Germany's leading global role in developing and implementing "green" technologies and environmental policies. Analyzes Germany's...

Germany Kristen Dolan,
GER 370 The Devil's Pact: Faust and the Faust Tradition

Selling souls to the Devil, from England's Christopher Marlowe to Germany's Goethe and beyond. Wrestling with the problem of evil, and getting...

Germany Elizabeth Schreiber-Byers,
GER 372 Kafka and Cinema

Explores the link between Franz Kafka, one of the most ground-breaking and influential modernist writers, and the development of cinema in the...

Germany Kata Gellen,
ITALIAN 383 Cities and City Life in Italy: Florence and Venice

This course analyzes the history and culture of two major centers of western European culture in the early modern period: Florence and Venice....

Europe, Italy Valeria Finucci,
ITALIAN 390 Holy Land in Italian Literature

From Dante’s Divine Comedy to the liberation of the Roman Jews from ghetto in 1870, the powerful idea of the Holy Land has shaped past...

Israel, State of Palestine, Italy Giuseppe Prigiotti,
ITALIAN 481 Dante's Divine Comedy

A voyage through the three otherworldly places of Dante's philosophical poem (Hell, Purgatory, Paradise) whose transformation of human actions...

Italy Martin Eisner,
ITALIAN 583S Dante Studies: Dante's Books

This course explores Dante's books in terms of  what Joyce called both the subjective and objective genitive. In the first part we will


Italy Martin Eisner,
ITALIAN 590S Vico's Historicism

In 1690, when Giambattista Vico returned to Naples from Vatolla, he found himself a stranger in his hometown. In the one year he had spent in the...

Italy Roberto Dainotto,
ITALIAN 590S-1 Foreigners Welcome: Venice and its Foreign Communities in the Early Modern Period

Venice is one of the few Renaissance cities which looks like much as it did in the sixteenth century, yet it requires an enormous leap of the...

Europe, Italy Valeria Finucci,

Explores the latest films produced in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Bosnia, and Serbia.  Highlighted themes: new historical memories of...

Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia Beth Holmgren
ROMST 204D Soccer Politics

Explores global history of soccer with focus on Europe, Africa, and Latin America. Examines development and spread of the game, institutions such...

Africa, Central America, Europe, France, Germany, Italy, North America, Canada, South America, Brazil Laurent Dubois,
ROMST 390 Race and Sex in Brazilian History and Society

This interdisciplinary course will examine the connections between race, sex, and gender in shaping Brazilian racial relations from slavery to the...

Brazil Lamonte Aidoo, lamonte.aidoo@duke.edeu
ROMST 490S Kafka and World Literature

This course explores ongoing debates about what world literature means through the lens of Kafka, who has played a significant role in them.  From...

Europe, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy Saskia Ziolkowski,
ROMST 490S Afro-Latin America

This course focuses on the position of Blacks in the national histories and societies of Latin America from slavery to the present day. Emphasis...

Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Peru Lamonte Aidoo,
ROMST 590S Memory and Documentary Cinema in Latin America

Documentary cinema has been understood as a technology of memory and as an archive that stores the past, preserving it for future retrieval and...

Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, Chile Gustavo Furtado,
ROMST 89S Contemporary Latin American Cinema

Drawing examples from several countries, this course examines major thematic and aesthetic trends in Latin American cinema from the 1990s to the...

Carribean, Central America, South America Gustavo Furtado,
Russian 323 Dostoevsky

In this course we will be reading some of Dostoevsky's translated works.  Please contact Carol Apollonio (flath@...

Russian Federation Carol Apollonio
Russian 363 Become a Translator

Learn the craft through practical exercises, critical analyses, theoretical readings, and projects with real-life application. Read what great...

Russian Federation Carol Apollonio
Russian 382 Art & Dissidence: The Films of Tarkovsky, Kubrick, Kurosawa and Lynch

Post-WWII Soviet, US and Japanese identity and culture explored through the lens of major dissident auteur directors; the use of inter-textuality...

Japan, Russian Federation, United States of America David Need
SES 373S Between Moscow, Beijing, and Delhi: Narratives of Europe and Asia

For over a thousand years, the lands between Moscow, Beijing, and Delhi have been one of the most contested arenas of political rivalry,...

China, India, Turkey, Russian Federation Mustafa Tuna
SES 375S Social Engineering and Social Movements in Eastern Europe and Asia

This course questions respective roles of state policies and social movements in transforming societies. It combines study of the concepts of...

China, India, Turkey, Russian Federation Mustafa Tuna