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Each semester, Duke's language and culture departments identify courses that will help students become better global citizens by better understanding the peoples of the world. These classes are taught in English, and are a great way to get ready for study abroad or DukeEngage. They are also a way to extend your study abroad experience by continuing your cultural immersion after you return to campus. What's more, cross-cultural awareness and social fluency will help prepare you for a career in the global workforce and this knowledge will augment the studies in your major. Such courses can also be a way to explore your family's heritage.

Fall 2014 Courses

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AMES 205 Understanding the Middle East

Introduction to central political, geopolitical, cultural, and socio-economic issues in the Middle East, offering a better understanding of new...

Iran (Islamic Republic of) Sattar Jawad
AMES 223 History and Culture of Iran

A multi-disciplinary approach to Iran and Persian culture. Covers history, religion, politics,literature, music, and cinema. Focuses on the...

Iran (Islamic Republic of) Omid Safi
AMES 241 Contemporary Israeli Cinema

A comparative approach to Israeli cinema, in the context of American and European cinemas. Cinema and nationalism. Cinematic representations of...

Israel Shai Ginsburg
AMES 251 Indian Cinema

Sources of vitality in twentieth-century Indian cinema. The resilience of popular cinema in the face of Hollywood. Narrative and non-narrative...

India Satti Khanna
AMES 272S Korean Lit in Translation

Critical examination of variable topics in Korean literature. Texts contextualized in global and local histories. Boundaries of the nation and...

Republic of Korea Nayoung Aimee Kwon
AMES 328S Literary Islam

The Quran as scripture; mystical poetry; stories of the early community; literary cultures in the early community; modern reinterpretations of...

Egypt Ellen McLarney
AMES 329S Islamic Media

How contemporary technologies reawaken the sense of the sacred in daily life, rather than destroy it. How technologies new and old circulate the...

Egypt, Iran (Islamic Republic of) Ellen McLarney
AMES 340S Death and Identity

Comparative examination of how "death" informs the modern self. Looks at the tension between the religious death and secular death. Probes the...

Israel, India, Japan Shai Ginsburg
AMES 361 Anime: Forms and Mutations

Historical origins of Japanese anime, as well as its status as art, narrative, genre. Ways in which anime mutates: formally (literature, manga,...

Japan, China, Europe, North America Eileen Chow
AMES 415S Interethnic Intimacies

Critical examination of cultural dynamics, political economies, and ethical implications of interethnic intimacies or "intercourse" as...

Asia Aimee Kwon
AMES 423S Intro Modern Arabic Literature

An introduction to trends and movements in modern Arabic literature. Poetry, novel, and short story, among other genres examined and analyzed....

Iraq Sattar Jawad
AMES 463S Nightmare Japan

“Nightmare Japan” refers to the social anxieties erupted through encounters with natural or man-made ‘disasters.’ This course will examine the...

Japan Leo Ching
AMES 533 Chinese Prostitution

Dialectic of prostitution as lived experience, and as socio-cultural metaphor. Focus on literary and cinematic texts, together with relevant...

China Carlos Rojas
AMES 605 East Asian Cultural Studies

East Asia as a historical and geographical category of knowledge emerging within the various processes of global movements (imperialism,...

Japan Leo Ching
AMES 738 Theories of Mnority Discourse

Course will introduce a variety of critical theories of minority discourse, or discourses associated with minority groups within a more dominant...

China Carlos Rojas
AMES 89S First Year Seminar : Audiovisualities

Introducing students to various aspects of audiovisual culture including, film, photography, painting, sculpture, architecture, music and sound;...

China Guo-Juin Hong
CLST 283 Greek History

To study ancient Greek history is to confront some of the most basic ways we engage with the world today. We study the emergence of the alphabet...

Greece To be announced
CLST 290 Ancient Spain

Archaeology provides invaluable insight into complex problems such as the role of material culture in the creation and expansion of empires. The...

Tunisia, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Alicia Jiménez
CLST 290 (currently listed as 490) Nature and the Classical World

This course investigates in an interdisciplinary way nature and the environment in the ancient world, both through the words and works of Greek...

Greece, Italy Jennifer C. Woods,
CLST 308 Greek and Roman Law

The image at right is Jean-Léon Gérôme's famous representation of one of ancient Athens' most shocking lawsuits. Nearly every feature of the...

Greece Joshua Sosin,
CLST 352 Aegean Bronze Age

An archaeological survey of the development of complex societies in Greece, Crete, and the Aegean islands from the final Neolithic (ca. 3,000 B.C...

Greece Carla Antonaccio,
CLST 556SL Topography of Ancient Rome

 Seminar on the topography of ancient Rome – the monuments and other buildings, public spaces, streets and further infrastructure as created and...

Italy Mary T. Boatwright,
CLST 590-SL Renovating Antiquity at the Nasher Museum

Seminar taught in close collaboration with Nasher Museum staff, contributing  to redesign of permanent collection gallery space devoted to...

Greece Carla Antonaccio,
FRENCH 361 French Love Story

A history of the representation and social structuring of affective relationships in France, through close analysis of French novels and theory....

France Michele Longino,
GER 301 Business German and Econ

Introducing Business German and economy as well as Germany's leading role in the European Union.

Europe, Germany Elizabeth Schreiber-Byers,
GER 364 Green Germany

Exploration of Germany's leading global role in developing and implementing "green" technologies and environmental policies.

Germany, Europe Stephen Milder,
GER 380 Marx, Nietzsche, Freud

A critical examination and assessment of thought, revolutionary theory and practice.

Germany, Austria Michael Morton,
GER 430 Introduction to German Literature and Culture

Introduction to principal authors, genres, concepts and works of German, Austrian and Swiss literature.

Germany, Austria, Switzerland Michael Morton,
GER390 Special Topics: KAFKA

Explore the writings of Kafka and the influence he has still today.

Germany Kata Gellen,
ITALIAN 380 Mafia in the Movies

This course will be a study of the mafia, and, by extension, of Italy's "dark heart," in its historical, social, economic, cultural, and...

Italy Roberto Dainotto,
ITALIAN 590S-1 The Body, Anatomy and Gender in the Early Modern Period

This course will focus on early modern conceptions of the human body and study the period's attitudes toward anatomy, sex, and gender--and the...

Italy Valeria Finucci,
PORTUGUE 89S Brazil, Race, Sex and the Body

Brazil is commonly understood as an example of a “racially democratic” nation, but as scholars have recently shown, racism permeates all aspects...

Brazil Lamonte Aidoo,
ROMST 202 Imagining Europe: Language, Culture, Politics

Investigation of defining models of European culture and the fiction which has shaped them, from early modern epic and romance through...

France, Italy, Portugal, Spain Helen Solterer,
ROMST 205 World Masterpieces: Made in Italy

Introduction to a range of literary, artistic, musical, and cinematic masterpieces produced in Italy, including contributions of guest lecturers...

Italy Martin Eisner,
ROMST 490S Political Cinema in Latin America

What constitutes a "political cinema"? Although there is no definitive answer to this question, Latin American cinema provides a variety of...

Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, Chile Gustavo Furtado,
ROMST 490S European Cinemas This seminar provides students with an understanding of the various ways in which European cinema has been critically invested as a category from... Europe, France, Germany, Italy, Spain Anne-Gaelle Saliot,