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Each semester, Duke's language and culture departments identify courses that will help students become better global citizens by better understanding the peoples of the world. These classes are taught in English, and are a great way to get ready for study abroad or DukeEngage. They are also a way to extend your study abroad experience by continuing your cultural immersion after you return to campus. What's more, cross-cultural awareness and social fluency will help prepare you for a career in the global workforce and this knowledge will augment the studies in your major. Such courses can also be a way to explore your family's heritage.

Spring 2015 Courses

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Russian 323 Dostoevsky

In this course we will be reading some of Dostoevsky's translated works.  Please contact Carol Apollonio (flath@...

Russian Federation Carol Apollonio
Russian 363 Become a Translator

Learn the craft through practical exercises, critical analyses, theoretical readings, and projects with real-life application. Read what great...

Russian Federation Carol Apollonio
Russian 382 Art & Dissidence: The Films of Tarkovsky, Kubrick, Kurosawa and Lynch

Post-WWII Soviet, US and Japanese identity and culture explored through the lens of major dissident auteur directors; the use of inter-textuality...

Japan, Russian Federation, United States of America David Need