Journeys of Sounds, Words, and Images: Popular Music and Identity

GER 290.01

How does popular music shape identities and create communities beyond national, linguistic and cultural boundaries?  How is a music style appropriated in a new context?  The class explores the travels of popular music (primarily between the U.S. and Germany) and focuses on Reggae, Soul, R&B, Hip Hop and Techno.  Course materials include songs, music, videos, documentary films, novels, and theoretical essays.  Exploration of different media and key terms in cultural studies such as identity, hybridity, transculturality and diaspora.

Explore the culture and customs of these countries: 

Christoph Schaub

Crosslisting Numbers: 
LIT 290, MUSIC 290, CULANTH 290
Areas of Knowledge: 
Modes of Inquiry: 
Film, Visual & Performing Arts?
Literature in Translation?