2015 Summer Research Series: Health as a Human Right in Cameroon

This summer, Duke undergrad Carolyn Peterseim will study health as a human right and learn from those who provide it in low-resource settings. She will work with physicians in a non-profit organization in the capital city of Cameroon, Yaoundé, as well as in rural villages. She will interview physicians and engage in participant observation in order to understand indications for treatment for malaria and sickle cell disease in these low-resource contexts. Broader questions that will be addressed include: What does accessible, affordable, available healthcare look like, from a physician’s perspective? In what ways, and to what extent is perception of ethics context specific? What challenges do doctors face when diagnosing and treating patients with malaria and sickle cell disease? What is their perspective on how to best assess and implement quality treatment?

Carolyn Peterseim is a rising senior at Duke from Charleston, SC. She is a pre-med cultural anthropology major, with minors in Chemistry and Music, and with interests in healthcare, French, and immigration.