Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs

Three Reasons to Choose Duke for Graduate School

  1. Flexible, Interdisciplinary Degree Programs

    Arts & Sciences faculty support 60 different graduate degree and certificate programs, most of which are interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary. We excel at exploring ideas, problems and issues that integrate knowledge across disciplines and contribute to emerging fields. Co-located on a relatively small campus, Duke makes the most of a deeply collaborative research culture, and our graduate students receive mentorship from faculty from multiple departments or schools and conduct research on highly diverse scholarly teams.

    Students can customize their study, take courses from across Duke’s schools and departments, and even take courses from other regional universities. Programs range from Master of Arts/Master of Science degrees to Master of Fine Arts to Ph.D. programs. We also support several dual/joint degree offerings with Duke's top ranked medical and law schools. See a listing of all graduate programs on the Graduate School website and contact our Directors of Graduate Studies.

  2. Research-oriented Graduate Training in all Fields

    Duke is a Tier 1, national research center conducting more than $100 million in research each year, spanning the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, arts, medicine, law, business, public policy and more. Our students are supported in their efforts to publish and present work at top professional society meetings, perform their own original compositions, mentor junior students in the research methodologies of their field, and travel to conduct original field work.

  3. Career and Professional Development

    The quality of faculty and graduate students at a research institution are intertwined. We train the next generation of leaders in all professions that utilize the analytical skills that come from a research-based graduate education. Our career services center offers a suite of specialized mentoring and training to help graduate students achieve their professional goals.

    In addition, graduate students have the opportunity to serve as teaching assistants, gaining skills and experience that go beyond the professoriate as a career.

    Duke Graduate School

    The Graduate School offers courses and certificates in teaching college courses, teaching workshops, a training/information path to prepare for a faculty career and career search resources.

    Duke Student Affairs Career Center

    The Career Center offers career counseling, drop-in advising, networking guidance, networking events and career fairs and employer inforomation sessions. Workshops specifically for graduate students (and postdocs) include crafting teaching & research statements, effective CVs and cover letters, job searching, interviewing and more. Engage early and often during your graduate studies.


    DukeConnect is a networking tool used for finding city/regional guidance, job and career information, life stage assistance, affinity groups and help specifically for current students.