Introduction to Financial Markets, Investing, and Valuation


Fall 2016

Sundays, 2:30 - 4:00 pm, location TBA

This house course is designed as an introduction to the financial markets, investment theory, and valuation. It provides the Duke community with a class on general financial knowledge and serves as a gateway into an analyst role for the Duke Investment Club, which manages a $50,000 portion of the Duke Endowment on behalf of the Duke Management Company (DUMAC). This course assumes little-to-no prior knowledge about finance and aims to provide students with an understanding of how the markets work, how to invest, and how to value a business. The knowledge and the skills that will be developed throughout the semester will be useful for both students who are interested in a career in finance, as well as for students who are looking to learn about how to invest their own money. This course is particularly intended for freshmen and sophmores interested in joining the Investment Club, and covers the same material as the Investment Club's extensive training program.

  • Albert Li,
  • Travis Wolf,
  • Emma Rasiel, Economics
Class Limit: