Come to the Streets: June 2013 Protests in Brazil


Fall 2016

Tuesdays, 6:00 - 7:30 pm, Keohane 4D 201 Sem

The date in June 13, 2013 and a small group, mostly teenagers and college students, call for people to "Come to the Streets!" to protest and increase in the price of public transportation. It was by no means the first demonstration in restless Sao Paulo, the third largets metropolis in the world. This time, however, something unique happened. As the demonstrators were violently supressed by the police, they backed off, shouting "Amanha vai ser maior!" ("Tomorrow will be greater!") No one could have predicted how correct they were. As images of this scene of violence spread on social media, an upsurge of rebelliousness spread throughout the city. Within twenty-four hours, tens of thousands mobilized to occupy the most important streets of the city. There was neither established leadership, a common strategy, or shared demands. Over the next few months, the wave of protests spread as more than two million people went into the streets, united by their conviction that they had had enough.

Both of the instructors of this course witnessed these historical events and participated in many of the protests. Three years later, they will review with their fellow students what happened during these months that changed the Brazilian political scenario forever. The class will focus on a sociological, political, and cultural analysis of the protests, while using the instructors' personal experiences to shed some light on this unexpected popular uprising.

  • Luiza Perez,
  • Matheus Dias,
  • John French, History
Class Limit: