Are You Happy? An Exploration of Happiness


Spring 2019

Mondays 7:00-8:30 pm, Keohane Atrium

This course is an overview of the discourse on happiness that exists in society today, with a strong focus on applications to students’ own life journeys. We will begin and end the course by completing a happiness diagnostic. For the first third of the class we will define happiness by looking through an evolutionary and cross-cultural lens. Then, by looking at popular TV and film, and especially the Netflix original Bojack Horseman to frame discussions, we will examine the validity of various narratives that exist surrounding how to ‘find’ happiness. To finish, we will turn the focus inward, applying what we have learned to better understand our own struggles for and experiences of happiness.

  • James Rees,
  • Sabriyya Pate,
  • Bridgette Hard, Psychology & Neuroscience
Class Limit: