Asian America through Immigration Policy


Spring 2018

Mondays, 6:00 - 7:30 PM, Craven F Commons, 1st Fl

This course introduces students to Asian American history, specifically through United States policies starting in the late 1700’s. While a majority of the course will focus on immigration policy due to its significant impact on how Asian American communities have been shaped and formed, we’ll also speak on topics such as labor and migration, Yellow Peril, relocation, refugees, the model minority myth and Islamophobia, and current immigration issues. As a majority of the United States’ initial immigration policies were based on country of origin, this course will focus on the narratives of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, South Asian, Filipino, and Southeast Asian immigrants as well as those of other Pacific Islanders. 

  • Christine Lee,
  • Dr, Susan Thananopavarn - Thompson Writing Program
Class Limit: