Be Well, Stay Well, DuWell: An Introduction to Personal Wellness


Fall 2017

Wednesday, 6 PM - 7:30 PM C004R -- Wannamaker (The Well)

A House Course focused on student wellness, "Be Well. Stay Well. DuWell: An Introduction to Personal Wellness" aims to engage students in the six dimensions of health and wellness and provide opportunities to interact with their own wellness philosophies. It will incorporate on-campus and community resources that will assist students in embarking on their wellness journeys.  The primary focus will be on aspects of the daily lives of students and the power they have to alter and improve upon them in order to foster a stronger sense of overall well-being. The course is modeled off the University Wellness Center’s “six dimensions of wellness” strategy which separates Wellness into the following categories: Mind/Body, Financial, Social, Intellectual, Environmental, and Spiritual. This course will spend at least one session on each of the dimensions, evaluating the campus culture of each dimension, examining student relationships to each dimension, and brainstorming strategies to improve each dimension in the students’ lives.

  • Samantha Meyers,; Adriana Parker,
  • Janis Hampton, Duke Recreation & Physical Fitness
Class Limit: