Blockchain and Innovation


Fall 2017

Edens 1A, Mondays - 7:30 PM to 9 PM

This class is an introduction to blockchain technology and its applications. Having built momentum in the past few years, blockchain is considered the next generation of the internet and poised to revolutionize the way we exchange value. Blockchain, in a sentence, is a decentralized, open, and cryptographic (each of these ideas will be covered in the course) network that allows different parties to trust and verify their interactions with each other. The course will start off with an introduction to the underlying technical principles and cover two of the most popular blockchain technologies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Students will learn about innovative new applications of both public and private blockchains in industries such as music, finance, insurance, healthcare, and more. The course will culminate in a final project in which students come up with their own venture utilizing blockchain technology. No computer science background is necessary.

  • Jacob Baca,; Dhruv Luthra,; David Zarge,
  • Bruce Maggs, Computer Science
Class Limit: