B.N. Duke Carolina Summer of Service


Spring 2017

Thursday, 5:30 - 7:00 pm, Bell Tower 113

This course will prepare the B.N. Duke Freshmen Scholars for the Carolina Summer of Service. By engaging with readings, class discussions, guest speakers and films, students will begin to understand how the Georgetown, SC community they will work with during the summer of 2017. They will learn how to impact the community in a positive way; connect with segments of the community that the program has not previously been successful in reaching; approach people as “partners” rather than “clients”; employ the idea of sacrifice; focus on assets over needs, solutions over problems; and most importantly—listen more than they talk. 

  • Adam Bullock, atb28@duke.edu; Annie Janick, annie.janick@duke.edu; Kate Watkins, kate.watkins@duke.edu
  • Jenette Wood Crowley, History
Class Limit: