Critical Eyes: Topics in ICS


Spring 2018

Tuesdays, 7 - 8:30 PM, Location Pending

Many Duke students travel abroad at least once but rarely do they have the opportunity to engage with their experiences and new outlooks on the world through academic coursework. Though primarily designed for ICS juniors, this course affords all students the chance to reflect on their own experiences by exploring contemporary events through transnational and global theory. In this sense, the class welcomes all individuals who desire to further cultivate a non-Western and analytical worldview.

For ICS students, this also presents a particularly valuable opportunity. As an interdisciplinary program, the major offers students extensive academic freedom to apply broader concepts to their respective regions and fields. However, between the more structured 195 Gateway Course taken in the freshman or sophomore year and the senior-year Capstone or Honors Seminars, students can benefit from a re-engagement with key concepts, theories, and scholars. While ideal for all ICS students who have successfully completed the gateway course, juniors particularly interested in honors projects and independent research can hear from current thesis students and practice using theoretical concepts to explore their own interests. Seniors can also discuss current events with their ICS peers as well as underclassmen for the final semester of their college careers.

  • Alison Cooney,; Cassidy Bolt,; Katherine Payne,
  • Catherine Mathers, ICS
Class Limit: