Drug Development for Essential Medicines


Fall 2017

Thursday, 7 - 8:30 PM Keohane 4D, Room 201 SEM

An important and critical topic in global health is the availability of and access to medicines (pharmaceuticals) and similar products in the developing world. While medicines help in treating individuals, the availability of those products is controlled by complex interactions between law, economics, policy, and medicine.

This course will serve as an introductory course to highlight the fundamentals of intellectual property rights, the pharmaceutical development process, and examine effective strategies that have been used to increase access to essential medicines in developing countries. Within those fields the course will look at the stakeholders in global health and the underlying ethical issues.

This class will provide a substantial overview of these topics and inform students on a topic they may not otherwise have exposure to during their undergraduate years. The course will allow students to foster an understanding and enthusiasm for the complex issues that underlie access to medicines; a topic which is normally inaccessible to many undergraduates. Such a multidisciplinary approach will expand individuals’ perceptions of global health and emphasize the strong potential for non-medically related fields to impact global health.

No prior experience in global health is necessary. The course will also cover basic fundamentals to get students acquainted with global health.

  • Emily Horn, emily.horn@duke.edu; Jackie Xu, jacqueline.xu@duke.edu; Allison Wu, allison.wu@duke.edu
  • Gavin Yamey, Duke Global Health Institute
Class Limit: