Durham Giving Project


Spring 2018

Mondays, 7 - 8:30 PM, Few GG 101

Durham Giving Project is a course that exposes students to various issues in Durham and pushes them to think of different philanthropic methods for helping non-profits in this city and beyond.  This course will begin with a unit on the history of Durham as well as the relationship between Duke and Durham. Following this, our class will begin the grant preparation and application review process. Grant applications will be received from local Durham non-profit organizations participating within the Duke-Durham neighborhood partnership. Our class will decided how to allocate the grant across the various applications received. 

  • Cameron Beach, cameron.beach@duke.edu; Michelle Qiou, michelle.qiou@duke.edu; Allie Charlton, allison.charlton@duke.edu
  • Sam Miglarese, Program in Education
Class Limit: