God and Man: Theology and Secularism through C.S. Lewis, Freud, and Others


Spring 2019

Wednesdays 6-8pm, Kilgo O Commons

In one of the most famed classes at Harvard, Armand Nicholi explored his book, The Question of God through reading Freud and C.S. Lewis, resulting in a PBS series in which the two schools of thought were contrasted against one another. By watching this nine-part series and doing complimentary readings, we will explore these topics through the eyes of both a world-renowned theologian and an esteemed psychologist. Topics will include: Science, Miracles, the Human Condition, Suffering and Death, Moral Law, along with many others. We hope these topics challenge participants both intellectually and personally, and help students tackle the hardest questions of life in an academic setting.

  • Sebastian Borda, smb129@duke.edu
  • Anna Merryman, aam62@duke.edu
  • Ivy Cannon, ikc@duke.edu
  • Jed Atkins, Classical Studies
Class Limit: