Graphic Medicine


Spring 2018

Wednesdays, 6 - 7:30 PM, Few GG 301

With the rise in popularity of the graphic novel, comics are being used more often as an accessible, down-to-earth medium for exploring difficult topics in medicine. The “graphic medicine” movement arose as a platform for facilitating education and dialogue on healthcare topics. It acts as a creative space to explore what are often deeply felt and complicated dynamics between providers, patients, disease, and health systems. Over the semester we will spend time analyzing, refining and learning to communicate experiences surrounding illness through comics. This course will be of particular interest to:
- Those who intend to enter a health profession and are interested in strengthening their skills in communication and empathy
- Those who want to understand the implications medical humanities have for the doctor-patient relationship and patient outcomes
- Those who want to explore ways in which creative expression and drawing can be used to examine complex ethical and biological dilemmas

  • Kelsey Graywill,; Omar Khan,
  • Jehanne Gheith, Education
Class Limit: