Guide for House Course Student Instructors

These guidelines are also available as a downloadable Word document - click here to download: guidelines_0.doc


  1. ONLY student instructors who have officially been approved to be instructors of House Courses by the Committee on Courses may teach House Courses.
  2. Please inform our office of your updated phone number, email address, and mailing address. It is important that you let us know of any changes in these throughout the time you are teaching the House Course.  Do let us know also if you have any House Course concerns where we can be of assistance.
  3. LIST OF HOUSE COURSES: A list will be available for students on DukeHub and on the House Course webpage. Your e-mail address will be included on this list so students who want to register for the course will be able to reach you. The meeting time and place of your course MAY NOT be changed after they have been submitted to the Registrar.
  4. COURSE SYLLABI: Syllabi will be available on the House Courses webpage. Email electronic copy of syllabus in Word document format to courserequests@duke.eduNo changes should be made in the syllabus without prior approval of the Course Committee.
  5. CLASS LISTS: You may request a class list of enrolled students from your faculty sponsor before the first class meeting.
  6. ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENT:  House Course instructors are to emphasize the importance of classroom attendance at the start of class and remind students that they must attend at least eleven class sessions. If any problems arise, you should speak to your faculty sponsor.
  7. DROP/ADD DEADLINES: House Courses are subject to the same Drop/Add deadlines as full credit department courses (see Bulletin). After the Drop/Add period, students asking to make a change in registration for your course should be referred to their academic deans.
  8. REMINDER: House Course Instructors may not register for their own courses.


  1. YOUR FACULTY SPONSOR: It is your responsibility to keep in touch with your faculty sponsor so that he/she may a) fulfill the commitment made on the House Course application form, b) help you utilize Sakai (through the sponsor’s name listed there as official instructor of the course, and c) help you refine your teaching techniques and resolve problems that may arise in the course. (Note: this office is unable to provide Sakai access for instructors - faculty sponsors facilitate this.)
  2. INCURRED COSTS:  We are not able to provide any funding for your House Course.  However, if you need one or two copies of a course pack that will be used by the instructor(s) or faculty sponsor, we can make them for you. 
  3. MID-SEMESTER GRADE REPORTS: IMPORTANT – It is official university policy that midterm grades should be reported for all first-year students, as well as for upperclassmen doing unsatisfactory work.  Please be in contact with your faculty sponsor to arrange that he/she submit the grades electronically.  Only faculty members may submit grades.
  4. REQUIRED EVALUATION FORMS: We will email instructions and a link to online House Course evalulation forms to you before classes end so that you, your faculty sponsor, and the students in your class can complete them. They should be returned within 48 hours of the last class meeting, but absolutely no later than the last day of classes for the semester.
  5. FINAL GRADE REPORTS: IMPORTANT – In the semi-final weeks of classes, you should make an appointment to meet with your faculty sponsor early in the last week of classes to discuss the final grades, so the sponsor may submit them electronically.  Final grades are a very serious matter, and for House Courses should be submitted by the last day of classes. Missing final grades may have serious implications for graduation or continuation.
  6. Concerning the Group/Dept. Portion of the Room Reservation Form: The instructors of House Courses, not the academic departments sponsoring the courses, are the parties responsible for any space set-up, clean-up, and damage to the room in which the House Course will be taking place.