House Courses: How to Apply

You must submit your entire completed application and signature page by the deadlines below in order to successfully apply to teach a House Course.

Applications may be submitted at this link at any time. Please then submit the signature page generated at the end of the application, with approvals, to by the deadline. 

Email with problems. 

Late applications will not be accepted. Applications missing signatures or other components are incomplete and cannot be accepted. All required signatures must be on the same sheet. View application deadlines here.

Application Materials for reference:

Submit your application online

After submitting your application, please submit the signature page, with approvals, to

Applicants should fill out and submit the online form before the deadline. Any room technology needs (a computer for presentations, a projector, and so forth) should be included in your online reservation request form, in the text box provided. A room will be assigned for your House Course via your submitted form.

Customized Field Trip Waiver of Liability form and field trip information (if applicable) 

 If there is travel for the course, instructors must contact Corporate Risk Management at and submit a Waiver of Liability form to them for approval well in advance of field trips. A sample Waiver of Liability Form is provided here for reference.

An approved Waiver of Liability form must be completed for Durham field trips for which group transportation is provided for students and for any field trips to locations beyond Durham. Please customize the template according to the needs of the course and then submit to Corporate Risk Management for approval. Field trips must be optional and may not require any additional payment.

Course Syllabus: See Syllabus Template

 Instructors should work with their faculty sponsors to create House Course syllabi. The subject must be treated in a critical, evaluative, historical, or analytical way; it must not be confined to teaching skills. Once the House Course is approved, the syllabus may not be changed without permission of the Courses Committee. If the Courses Committee required syllabus revisions, the final syllabus must be emailed (in Word document format) to Syllabi must include:

  • Student instructor(s) and faculty sponsor names and contact information.
  • Brief description of course.
  • Schedule of course meetings (include dates).
  • Description of each class session (e.g., topics to be covered).
  • Page references for all required readings listed for each class meeting, including books.
  • Total number of pages of reading required each week (50 pp. per week, or equivalent)
  • Prompts for required written assignments.
  • Identification of dates of classes the faculty sponsor will attend throughout semester (three classes minimum), the first of which must occur during the first three weeks of the semester. 
  • Outside speaker names and credentials.
  • Basis for grading.

*Special information required for Duke undergraduate student instructors:

Current resume for each instructor.

Two letters of recommendation from a Trinity College professor (preferably who teach in a field related to the subject of the course) for each instructor. One of these recommendation letters for each instructor must be from the House Course's faculty sponsor. Combined recommendation letters (in which professors or sponsors recommend both instructors within the same letter) are acceptable. Letters of recommendation can be submitted here:

Applicants who are have taught their House Course before do not need to submit new letters of recommendation.

Please direct questions regarding House Course applications to