Intro to Emergency Medicine


Spring 2018

Wednesdays, 7:00 – 8:30 PM; Keohane 4B 402 SEM

A house course dedicated to developing hands-on skills and in-depth understanding of the management of health-related emergencies.  Taught by members of DukeEMS, students will gain an introduction to emergency medicine with applications to real world situations, especially within the Duke/Durham community.  Covered topics include how to react if someone goes into cardiac arrest, how to help choking victims, how to care for burns, how to bandage wounds, how to splint injuries, and much more.  Beyond that, the course will delve into modern advancements in emergency medicine, as well as many of the issues medics and emergency department physicians are still facing today.

No prior medical experience is necessary, but the course aims to provide valuable medical knowledge.  Skills will be taught, but a large emphasis will be placed on the importance of emergency interventions and how improvements can/have been made to emergency medical systems.  Students will also be introduced to more ways they can become involved with emergency medicine in the Duke/Durham community if they choose to pursue them.  

  • Olivia Tum Suden,
  • Rema Shah,
  • Spencer Flynn,
  • George Grody, Sociology
Class Limit: