Introduction to Sketching/Foundations of Practical Sketching


Spring 2018

Tuesdays, 6:30-8pm; Few GG 101

The purpose of this House Course is to introduce basic sketching to students with an interest in drawing but who feel intimidated by intro level VisArts Drawing due to their lack of background, location, and concern for GPA. The class is not intended to replace any existing art class, but rather to be a bridge between students not involved with the art department, but who would like to be more involved later. The course would help any student become more comfortable with drawing and learn to apply the skills to whatever major they are whether it’s art, engineering, biology, etc. or just drawing for fun with nothing but paper and pen. I would also like to give students surveys throughout the class and collect data for my personal interest in drawing education.

The class will be held on west campus. Class time will be divided between 1/3 lecture and 2/3 independent and guided practice. Some of the practice sessions will be held in outdoor locations for observation sketching such as the garden, main quad in front of the chapel, etc. Outside of class there will be assignments. In addition, there will be some guest lectures from Raquel and potentially other art professors, which will hopefully inspire students to take classes in the VisArts department.

The course will progress through several topics as shown in the tentative syllabus calendar.

The general idea is to start with foundations and then move toward touching more specific topics. Also, the course starts with sketching from other drawings, then sketching from images, and finally sketching from observation (2D to 2D vs 3D to 2D).

  • Tracy Lu,
  • Raquel Salvatella de Prada - Art, Art History and Visual Studies
Class Limit: