Mind-Blowing Minds: Neurological Phenomena in Science and Society


Spring 2017

Monday, 5:30 - 7:00 pm, Few HH 201

This course is dedicated to exploring some of the most fascinating phenomena and research milestones in modern neuroscience. Our topics will range from naturally occurring neurological events, such as phantom limb perception, synesthesia, and early onset dementia, to groundbreaking experimental manipulations, such as implanted memories and induced neuroplasticity. For each neurological phenomenon or breakthrough in neuroscience research, students will 1) study the underlying scientific mechanisms, and 2) discuss societal implications. Students will acquire the relevant scientific background through lecture, textbook readings, videos, and supporting research papers. Frequent class discussions will then facilitate our understanding of how particular cases or advances in neuroscience contribute to ethical dilemmas and public health. Guest lecturers and field trips to neuroscience research labs at Duke will provide additional insight into the field's scientific basis and societal significance. Ultimately, the goal of our course is to dig deeper into the astounding or groundbreaking stories in neuroscience that have captivated researchers, clinicians, and the general public alike.

  • Kathy Dai, kathy.dai@duke.edu; Kirsten Bonawitz, knb25@duke.edu
  • Nina Sherwood, Biology
Class Limit: