The Self and Making Meaning


Fall 2018

Mondays, 7:00 - 8:30pm, McClendon Tower Third Floor

As budding young people in this ever-expanding, complex world, putting our supple and developing identities in context often eludes us, especially in the crucible of the educational institution that is Duke University. In particular, younger citizens of the United States have difficulty contextualizing their existence outside the borders of the country. This house course aims to give an expansive and broad set of perspectives to encourage students to think more deeply and critically about the world in which we are entrenched. By dividing the course into three consequential themes, deconstruction, contextualization, and reconstitution, students will acquire a toolbox not only to deconstruct the complexities of meaning in the changing world
around them, but also to reconstitute new meaning in light of these changes. It is my hope that the many theoretical frameworks introduced may inspire students to think about their perception of reality in new ways, and that they may thus construct themselves as a person with greater
intentionality and thoughtfulness as they dive into life outside of the university setting. To further consolidate this point, the course will have students keep a journal on a regular basis, to promote reflection. In addition, students will pursue a project to develop skills in relation to their
personal identity.

  • Michael Gulcicek,
  • Jehanne Geith, Slavic and Eurasian Studies
Class Limit: