Undergraduate University Scholars DPS Middle School Outreach Project


Fall 2017

Wednesday, 4:30 - 5:45 PM -- Keohane 4B, Room 401LR

This course will prepare undergraduates in the University Scholars Program to create a service-learning project for the University Scholars Program.  The course will be geared towards developing a college access program for middle school students in under-resourced middle school schools in the Durham Public School system. Students will organize a sustainable outreach program while continuing to engage with readings and class discussions to reflect on how socio-historical structures in the American education system and city of Durham shape the nature of college access and community-university service partnerships. 

  • Attyat Mayans, attyat.mayans@duke.edu; Amy (Shanjiao) Jiang, shanjiao.jiang@duke.edu
  • Amy Anderson, Program in Education
Class Limit: