Duke Technology Scholars Project

Image of a group of participants of the Duke Technology Scholars Project

Duke's Trinity College of Arts & Sciences and the Pratt School of Engineering have launched a new initiative called the Duke Technology (DTech) Scholars project to bring more women into technology careers. The Duke Technology Scholars Project aims to drive game-changing innovation and fuel creativity by inspiring more women to choose careers in computer science and electrical and computer engineering. Our goal is to create a pipeline of technology-savvy women who will go on to thrive across the technology industry sector, and strengthen the backbone of our country’s economy.

Duke Technology Scholars Experience

To accomplish our goals, we are creating more opportunity and support for our women undergraduates. As part of this initiative, we created the Duke Technology Scholars experience. It provides technology-based internships and mentorship to Duke women undergraduates early in their academic careers, when attrition from computer science and engineering is highest.

Designed to be powerful and transformative, the Duke Technology Scholars experience offers:

  • A Leadership Boot Camp
  • Internships in a technology company in Silicon Valley
  • Year-long, supportive mentorship
  • Community & networking opportunities

This program helps promising young women explore their distinctive potential to have an impact in technology fields. It’s an opportunity to extend their technical skills, build confidence and professional networks, and envision rewarding careers. Through the Duke Technology Scholars, brilliant young women have the opportunity to work at participating technology companies in Silicon Valley, California--and to continue developing their leadership potential throughout the year.

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