Former Beratan Lab Student Receives 2022 APS DBIO Dissertation Award

Dr. Jon Yuly Receives American Physical Society’s 2022 DBIO Dissertation Award!

Dr. Jonathon Yuly, a former graduate student in the Beratan Lab, has received the 2022 American Physical Society’s DBIO Dissertation Award! The award, which recognizes doctoral thesis research of outstanding quality and achievement in any area of experimental, computational, engineering, or theoretical biological physics, will be bestowed at an upcoming APS meeting.  Dr. Yuly's dissertation work showed that a universal free energy landscape underpins near-reversible electron bifurcation reactions and assures their high efficiency for transducing energy without short-circuiting, thus addressing a central puzzle in molecular bioenergetics that had persisted for over 50 years.  He is now participating in the Lewis-Sigler Scholars Program at Princeton University.