Four Duke Scholars Among Those Honored by the Southern Economic Association As the Inaugural Cohort of Distinguished Fellows

Bruce Caldwell received award
Research Professor of Economics Bruce Caldwell was one of four Duke faculty members honored by the Southern Economic Association at its annual meeting in New Orleans, LA.

The Southern Economic Association® (SEA) presented and honored its inaugural cohort of Distinguished Fellows on November 19, 2023 during its 93rd Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA. The inaugural cohort consists of all living past Presidents of the Association, who are at least two years removed from office.

The SEA Board unanimously approved a resolution creating a Distinguished Fellows Program at its 92nd Annual Meeting. Distinguished Fellows have a substantial record of exceptional scholarly achievement and long-term involvement and service to the Association. Following this initial cohort, no more than two Distinguished Fellows will be recognized in any one year. 

A list of the 2023 Distinguished Fellows inaugural cohort, with the years of service as SEA Presidents in parenthesis, follow:

  1. Thomas R. Saving, Texas A&M University (1980-1981)
  2. Kerry Smith, Arizona State University (1988-1989)
  3. Charles R. Plott, California Institute of Technology (1989-1990)
  4. Kenneth G. Elzinga, University of Virginia (1990-1991)
  5. Karen I. Vaughn, George Mason University (1994-1995)
  6. John J. Siegfried, Vanderbilt University (1996-1997)
  7. William A. Darity, Jr., Duke University (1997-1998)
  8. Dwight R. Lee, University of Georgia (1998-1999)
  9. Kathy J. Hayes, Southern Methodist University (1999-2000)
  10. Marjorie B. McElroy, Duke University (2000-2001)
  11. Charles A. Holt, University of Virginia (2001-2002)
  12. Richard B. McKenzie, University of California, Irvine (2002-2003)
  13. Eugenia F. Toma, University of Kentucky (2003-2004)
  14. William R. Johnson, University of Virginia (2004-2005)
  15. Catherine C. Eckel, Texas A&M University (2005-2006)
  16. James D. Gwartney, Florida State University (2007-2008)
  17. Jonathan H. Hamilton, University of Florida (2008-2009)
  18. William F. Shughart II, Utah State University (2009-2010)
  19. James C. Cox, Georgia State University (2010-2011)
  20. Bruce J. Caldwell, Duke University (2011-2012)
  21. Paul H. Rubin, Emory University (2012-2013)
  22. Joseph Hotz, Duke University (2013-2014)
  23. Doug Davis, Virginia Commonwealth University (2014-2015)
  24. James Alm, Tulane University (2015-2016)
  25. Peter J. Boettke, George Mason University (2016-2017)
  26. Christopher J. Ruhm, University of Virginia (2017-2018)
  27. Donna B. Gilleskie, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2018-2019)
  28. W. Kip Viscusi, Vanderbilt University (2019-2020)

This group of Distinguished Fellows are not only all exceptional scholars but have also played an important role in the growing the size and prestige of the Association. The Southern Economic Association congratulates all of them on this important recognition.

For further information contact:

Benjamin Powell, Secretary/Treasurer
Southern Economic Association®
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