Experiential Education & Outdoor Leadership


Spring 2021

W, 7-9:30pm, online

This course aims to introduce principles of outdoor leadership largely through the realms of experiential education, seminar-style discussions, and personal reflection. While aiming to keep the lessons applicable to varied situations in the outdoors, or even in the 'paved world,' the lessons will use group backpacking expeditions as a framework for learning. The class is framed by current issues with accessibility of the outdoors but also with its historical context as well. Students are encouraged to engage in their local outdoor spaces as well as planning their own small group weekend trip to gain real experiences with organization and leadership in the outdoors. In class, students will discuss topics including risk and emergency management, history of race, sex, and gender in the outdoors, non-directive leadership, consensus, and environmental stewardship and justice. They will hone skills that will aid in navigating risk-taking, interpersonal relationships, and group dynamics.

  • Megan Zheng, megan.zheng@duke.edu
  • Amanda Andriessen, amanda.andriessen@duke.edu
  • Audrey Costley, audrey.costley@duke.edu
  • Nicolette Cagle, Nicholas School of the Environment
Class Limit