Grades: Changes

By university regulation and with the exception of “I” and “X” grades, changes in end-of-term grades may be made by the instructor only because of an error in calculation or an error in transcription. Changes in grades may not be based on the late submission of required work, the resubmission of work previously judged unsatisfactory, or on additional work. No changes may be made in a grade after the end of the semester following the one in which the grade was assigned, although cases of error discovered after the deadline may be appealed by the student or the instructor to the Office of the Provost.   

The purpose of these regulations is to promote accurate record-keeping and careful grade reporting as well as to protect instructors from student pressure.


The university requires that changes in grades be indicated in a letter written on departmental letterhead, signed by the instructor, and mailed or faxed (684-4500) directly to the University Registrar. Grade change requests may not be delivered by the student. The letter should contain the name of the student, the student's ID number, the semester, the course and section number, the incorrect grade and the correct grade. The letter must also state that the reason for the change in grade is either an error in calculation or an error in transcription.

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