Art in Technology


Fall 2021

Meeting details TBA

Art and technology are innately woven together by creativity. This class explores that creative bond. In this course, students will learn to use and apply various technologies, tools, and machinery, including those available in Duke's makerspaces such as the CoLab, to create visual art. Assuming no prior experience, the course will initially provide students with a strong foundation in these tools, and later encourage students to use their newly acquired knowledge to create artistic pieces of their own accord. The course consists of weekly lessons on a particular technology, tool, or machine, followed by in-class assignments that ask students to apply this knowledge to create an original art piece based on a given theme. For the final course project, students are given three weeks to create an original piece of art individually or in small groups, applying at least three of the concepts learned throughout the course.

  • Phoebe Dijour,
  • Meghan Doyle,
  • Grant LoPresti,
  • Ann Saterbak, Biomedical Engineering
Class Limit