Decadence and Growth


Fall 2021

Meeting details TBA

Has society's progress stagnated?  Should economic growth continue to be the primary goal of humanity?  Do our current debates reflect original, genuine points of contention in society or are we simply regurgitating past disagreements?  Will the current way we live lead us to catastrophe, an idle dystopia, or a sustainable renaissance. Should we be hopeful for the future? Have we bitten off more than we can chew?  How can such a wealthy and technologically proficient society also have economic stagnation, political gridlock, and cultural exhaustion?  From the philosophical works of Aristotle, to contemporary op-eds of the New York Times, to the imaginary world of Wall-E, this course will try to provide a framework for analyzing and evaluating the questions above. 

  • Ridge Ren,
  • Francis de Beixedon,
  • Weston Lindner,
  • Michael Gillespie, Political Science
Class Limit