Learn Our Land


Fall 2021

Meeting details TBA

Surrounding and inside Duke's campus is an abundance of life that many Duke students have yet to take the chance to see and understand. Learn Our Land will work to open students' eyes to Duke's accessible diversity via a focus on botany and mycology, the studies of plants and mushrooms, respectively. Students will learn to identify local flora and understand the historical/practical usages of such organisms. The course is designed to engage non-biology major undergraduate students interested in learning about the natural world. However, anyone along the spectrum of knowledge is welcome. Learn Our Land combines information from subjects that require more than a half-credit course to get a deep-seated understanding. The course is designed to provide a foundation that will enable students to develop their natural understanding to greater depths once the semester ends.

  • William Marcus, wbm6@duke.edu
  • Nicolette Cagle, Nicholas School of the Environment
Class Limit