Mental Health in the Queer Community


Fall 2021

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There has been a recent surge in mental health awareness along with research into LGBTQIA+ populations. Society is becoming progressively more accepting of both LGBTQIA+ rights and individuals facing mental health issues. This house course identifies the following three issues as critical to address: queer policy, mental health awareness, and a synthesis of the two. By bringing these issues to the table, this house course takes measures to make a tangible change.  The course is designed as interdisciplinary, emphasizing the humanities and psychology, with the aim to analyze the ways in which queer identity shapes mental health. Students will be challenged to draw upon a myriad of research, frameworks, and approaches to fully understand and explore the topic.  No prior knowledge of queer studies or psychology is necessary. The course aims to be comprehensive, is built from the ground up upon the fundamentals of abnormal psychology and the basic frameworks of queer studies, and explores the topic through art, literature, film, and music.

  • Amanda Caress,
  • Malynda Wollert,
  • Sara LeGrand, Global Health
Class Limit