Office of Student Returns

Administrative Withdrawal: Non-Financial

Some reasons for an Involuntary Administrative Withdrawal include instances in which students do not return to campus at the start of the semester and provide no reason for their absence; when students are separated from Duke for extended periods of time (e.g., longer than 2 years) and do not respond to outreach or contact the Office of Student Returns to indicate a desire to return, they may be involuntarily withdrawn from Duke in order to interupt unwanted, ongoing communication from the institution. 


A student who wishes to return from an involuntary administrative withdrawal must complete the readmission application and return it (along with all other requested documents) to the Office of Student Returns. If the involuntary administrative withdrawal was influenced by a health concern, the student may also need to complete the medical forms that are included in the return packet as well. If the involuntary administrative withdrawal was the result of misconduct and the disciplinary case has not been resolved, the student is not eligible to apply to return to Duke.

After all readmission materials have been received, the candidate’s completed application packet will be routed to their review committee. A recommendation will be made by their review committee and the student will be informed of the decision. Students are advised to carefully follow the Checklist for Returning Students.