Office of Student Returns

Checklist for Returning Students

Instructions/General Reminders

  1. Remember the application deadline: Send your application materials between October 1 and November 1 for a return for the spring semester, between March 1 and April 1 for the summer session, and between June 1 and July 1 for the fall semester. You should not assume a late application is acceptable.   A $30 application fee should be submitted with your application and mailed directly to the Office of Student Returns.
  2. Determine your eligibility to apply return: If either of the following are true, you are not currently eligible to apply to return to Duke: 1) If you have a pending/unresolved disciplinary matter with the Office of Student Conduct; 2) If you have an outstanding bursar’s bill; or  3) If you are attempting to return from a second academic dismissal, or suspension for academic dishonesty, prior the passing of five years from your last enrolled term.
  3. Complete the Readmission Application: The return application consists of two parts: PART A: The ONLINE RETURN APPLICATION and PART B: MEDICAL DOCUMENTS. ALL returning students must submit “Part A: The ONLINE RETURN APPLICATION.” Students returning from a medical leave of absence must complete Part A and Part B of the return application. Download the Readmission Application.
  4. Medical Documents/ Part B: Students who seperated from Duke for health-related reasons, regardless of their separation category, must request that their healthcare provider(s) complete and return the TREATING DOCTOR’S RE-ENTRY QUESTIONNAIRE and a separate letter that states their recommendation of readiness to return, outlines recommendations for any future treatment and identifies any additional support  you may need to support your transition back to Duke (e.g., accommodatins that may be supported under American Disabilities Act).  All medical documentation must be on official letter head, submitted directly to the Office of Student Returns by the recommender and contain up-to-date contact information.
  5. Student Disability Access Office: Students who have been ill may qualify for accommodations through the Americans With Disabilities Act. Please visit, or email Dot Mishoe, Director, Student Disability Access Office, at for additional information.
  6. Release of Information Form: Sign a “release of information” form and place a copy on file in ALL of your health care providers’ office. This will allow members of your review committee to speak with your healthcare providers regarding any concerns related to your possible return to Duke. A “release of information” form is available in every health care provider’s office. Please ask your provider for a copy to complete and place on file.
  7. Request for Transfer Credit: If you are eligible to transfer credits back to Duke, you must request that an official transcript be sent directly to Duke's Registrar's Office. Only transcripts sent directly from the visiting institution’s Office of the Registrar are considered official documents. It is against faculty regulations for any candidate to take a course at another university and later enroll in the equivalent course at Duke. After your official transcript has been reviewed by your review committee, it will be forwarded to Duke’s Office of the Registrar independent of your return decision. If you were academically dismissed or suspended, you are not eligible to receive credit for course work completed during your separation period.
  8. Housing Request: Students returning to Duke after a separation of any kind remain subject to the Board of Trustees policy requiring all Duke undergraduate students to live in university housing for their first three academic years as a Duke student.  Duke guarantees housing to all of its full-time undergraduate students, save those who are not eligible due to disciplinary sanctions.  You may contact housing regarding your residency while your return application is under review with the understanding that your return is not guaranteed and you must immediately release your space if you receive an unfavorable return decision. If you feel that you need special housing consideration, your request will be reviewed.
  9. Falsification of Documents: Falsification of any part of your return application will result in you being referred to the Office of Student Conduct for official disciplinary inquiry and denied readmission for the requested term.
  10. Committee’s Request for Additional Information: Be mindful that the Review Committee may request additional documents and information of you in order to make the most informed decision regarding your return to Duke. 
  11. Interview: Any member of the review committee may request an interview session prior to the committee rendering a readmission decision.
  12. International students: Contact Duke Visa Services as soon as you determine that you will apply to return to Duke. They can inform you of visa matters should you be permitted to return.  Duke Visa Services can be contacted at or email