Office of Student Returns

Return from an Academic Dismissal

Students returning from an academic dismissal may apply to return to Duke no earlier than two semesters after the original term of dismissal. Students dismissed twice for academic reasons are not eligible to apply for readmissions prior to five years after the second dismissal term. See also our Academic Dismissal policy.

Procedure (Returning from an Academic Dismissal)

A former student who wishes to return from an academic dismissal must complete Part A of the readmission application and return it to the Office of Student Returns. If  the student was advised to seek health treatment while away, the student must also complete Part B of the return application. Part B contains medical forms that are to be completed by the student's healthcare provider.

Students are advised to carefully read the Checklist for Returning Students.

Applications are reviewed as expeditiously as possible by the student's review committee consisting of the student's academic dean and, if appropriate, any relevant Duke healthcare provider. A return decision will be determined by the opinion of the student's academic dean, and, if appropriate, the opinion of any relevant licensed health care provider.



Return Application Deadlines

Students should determine their targeted return term and plan a submission accordingly. An earlier application will not be accepted and does not benefit you since it is important for the application to be as up-to-date as possible. It is the student's responsibility to make sure the application is complete by the deadline date. Letters of recommendation and other supporting documents from respective individuals should be requested in a timely manner. ONLY COMPLETE applications will be reviewed. Applications are reviewed as expeditiously as possible.  There are three review cycles per year with distinct deadlines.

Returning Semester

Application Period Opens

Application Deadline

Fall June 1 July 1
Spring October 1 November 1
Summer I and II March 1 April 1