Policies & Procedures A to Z Listing

Academic Accommodations
Academic Communication via Email
Academic Concerns of Students
Academic Deans
Active Student Status
Bereavement Policy
Class Attendance and Missed Work
Continuation Requirements
Courses: Auditing
Courses: Changing a Cross-Listing
Courses: Course Load
Courses: Curriculum Codes
Courses: Double Counting for Majors, Curriculum
Courses: Dropping, Adding, Course Corrections
Courses: Enrolling in Graduate and Professional School Courses
Courses: Incomplete Course Work
Courses: Interinstitutional
Courses: Repeating
Courses: Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory Grading Option
Courses: Sequencing
Courses: Withdrawal from
Credit: AP and IPC and PMC
Credit: AP Credit by Department
Credit: Limitations and Restrictions
Credit: Study Abroad
Curriculum: First-Year Requirements
Curriculum: Foreign Language (FL) Requirement
Curriculum: Frequently Asked Questions
Curriculum: Overview
Directors of Undergraduate Studies
Duke Community Standard and Student Conduct
Education Records: FERPA
Emergencies, Personal
Final Exams: Scheduling, Conflicts and Absences
Grades: Academic Warning
Grades: Changes
Grades: Complaints at End of Term
Grades: Dean's List
Grades: End-of-Term
Grades: Grade Point Average (GPA)
Grades: Midterm Grades
Grades: Notations
Grades: Probation
Graduation: Change of Graduation Date
Graduation: Commencement and Notification of Intent to Graduate
Graduation: Graduating Early
Graduation: Graduating with Distinction
Graduation: Latin Honors
Graduation: Ninth Semester of Enrollment
Graduation: Part-Time Status
Graduation: Requirements
Harassment, Nondiscrimination and Title IX (including Sexual Misconduct)
Health Issues, Short- and Long-Term
Honor Societies
Identification Numbers
Independent Study
Internships, Credit for
Leave of Absence: Medical
Leave of Absence: Personal
Majors, Minors, Certificates
Majors, Minors, Certificates: the Interdepartmental Major
Program I and Program II Requirements
Religious Observance & Holidays
Research Independent Study - Writing Code
Robertson Scholars: Academic Responsibilities
Summer Sessions and Policies
Transfer Credit
Transferring from Duke to Another Institution
Transferring to/from Pratt School of Engineering
Trinity College of Arts and Sciences Academic Calendar
Tuition Refund Policies
Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTAs)
Varsity Athletic Participation (NOVAP)
Withdrawal: Voluntary
Withdrawal: Academic Dismissal
Withdrawal: Administrative (Financial and non-Financial Reasons)
Withdrawal: Disciplinary Suspension