Tentative Fall 2021 Course List

To aid in planning for the fall semester, the Trinity College of Arts & Sciences has compiled the following tentative Fall 2021 course list. Please note that more courses may be added to this list as additional departments and programs report their offerings. 

It is important that sophomores, juniors and seniors who are not yet graduating meet with their major advisors before the Spring 2021 semester ends to learn about course offerings, to plan a trajectory within their chosen major(s), and to be declared eligible to enroll in classes when registration opens.

As a reminder, the timeline for registration is delayed this year. Bookbagging for Fall 2021 will open on June 28 with course registration beginning on July 7.

Course Number Title Instructor(s)
SPANISH 550S Caribbean Literary Theory Richard Rosa
STA 101L Data Analysis and Statistical Inference Jacob Smith
STA 110FS Focus (social science cluster) David Banks
STA 198L Intro Health Data Science Amy Herring
STA 199L Intro Data Science Jacob Smith and Maria Tackett
STA 210L Regression Analysis Maria Tackett
STA 211 Mathematics of Regression Jerry Reiter
STA 230 Probability See MATH list
STA 240L Probability for Statistics Surya Tokdar
STA 313L Advanced Data Visualization Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel
STA 325L Machine Learning and Data Mining Simon Mak
STA 360L Bayesian & Modern Statistics Beka Steorts
STA 432 Theory & Methods of Statistical Learning & Inference Jason Xu
STA 440L Case Studies Yue Jiang
STA 465 Intro High Dimensional Data Analysis See MATH list
STA 470S Introduction to Statistical Consulting Ed Iversen
STA 521L Predictive Modelling Yuansi Chen
STA 523L Programming for Statistical Science Colin Rundel
STA 610L Multilevel and Hierarchical Models Michael Akande
STA 621 Applied Stochastic Processes See MATH list
STA 671D Theory and Algorithms for Machine Learning Cynthia Rudin
SWAH 101 Ellementary Swahili TBD
SWAH 203 Intermediate Swahili TBD
SWAH 701 Elementary Swahili TBD
SWAH 703 Intermediate Swahili TBD
THEATRST 125S American Musicals Staff, Departmental
THEATRST 145S.01 Acting Storer, Jeff
THEATRST 145S.02 Acting Hemphill, Ellen
THEATRST 145S.03 Acting Staff, Departmental
THEATRST 145S.04 Acting Staff, Departmental
THEATRST 145S.05 Acting Staff, Departmental
THEATRST 187S Reading Theater Ferrone, Alex
THEATRST 195FS Performing Science Odendahl-James, Jules
THEATRST 202S Intro to Performance Studies Ferrone, Alex
THEATRST 211 Musical Theater Workshop Staff, Departmental
THEATRST 247 Alexander Technique for Musicians, Dancers, and Actors Pritchard, Eric
THEATRST 248S The Art of Public Speaking Hemphill, Ellen
THEATRST 249S Understanding Mediation Hadjioannou, Markos
THEATRST 255S Directing McAuliffe, Jody
THEATRST 261S Costume Design West, Erin
THEATRST 275S Advanced Acting: Acting for the Camera Staff, Departmental
THEATRST 280S Dramatic Writing Bell, Neal
THEATRST 285S Writing the TV Drama Series Bell, Neal
THEATRST 311S Legal Issues in the Performing Arts Ellison, Dan
THEATRST 345S Advanced Acting: Contemporary Texts Storer, Jeff
THEATRST 350.01 Mainstage Production McAuliffe, Jody
THEATRST 350.02 Mainstage Production: Design and Tech Quintas, Thom
THEATRST 402S History of Acting Lee, Esther K
TURKISH 101 Elementary Turkish Didem Havlioglu
TURKISH 203 Intermediate Turkish Didem Havlioglu
VMS 202D Introduction to Visual Culture Olson, Mark
VMS 219 The Tokoyo Idea Weisenfeld, Gennifer
VMS 307 UI / UX Design Wendell, Augustus
VMS 565S New Media, Memory, and the Visual Archive Olson, Mark
WRITING 89S Information Literacy in the 21st Century Cary Moskovitz
WRITING 101 Academic Writing Multiple Faculty
WRITING 255 Literacy, Writing, Tutoring Aaron Colton
WRITING 271 Reflective Writing & The Internship/Work Experience Denise Comer
WRITING 275 Cyber Connections: Communication in the Digital Age TBA
WRITING 384 Public Speaking Ingrid Byerly
WRITING 390S Special Topics in Writing: Lives that Matter: Race, Disability, and the Ethics of Care/Work Marion Quirici