Tentative Fall 2021 Course List

To aid in planning for the fall semester, the Trinity College of Arts & Sciences has compiled the following tentative Fall 2021 course list. Please note that more courses may be added to this list as additional departments and programs report their offerings. 

It is important that sophomores, juniors and seniors who are not yet graduating meet with their major advisors before the Spring 2021 semester ends to learn about course offerings, to plan a trajectory within their chosen major(s), and to be declared eligible to enroll in classes when registration opens.

As a reminder, the timeline for registration is delayed this year. Bookbagging for Fall 2021 will open on June 28 with course registration beginning on July 7.

Course Number Title Instructor(s)
COMPSCI 94FS Programming/Problem Solving Susan Rodger
COMPSCI 101 Intro to Computer Science Nicki Washington
COMPSCI 116 Foundations of Data Science Kristin Stephens-Martinez
COMPSCI 201 Data Structures and Algorithms Owen Astrachan
COMPSCI 207 Intro to Mobile Application Development Hugh Thomas
COMPSCI 216 Everything Data Kristin Stephens-Martinez
COMPSCI 230 Discrete Math for Computer Science Bruce Donald
COMPSCI 240 Race, Gender, Class & Computing Nicki Washington
COMPSCI 250 Computer Architecture Alvy Lebeck
COMPSCI 260 Intro to Computational Genomics Alex Hartemink
COMPSCI 290.01 Great Ideas in Computer Science Debmalya Panigrahi
COMPSCI 290.02 Intro to Computational Imaging Alberto Bartesaghi
COMPSCI 307D Software Design and Implementation Robert Duvall
COMPSCI 310 Intro to Operating Systems Danyang Zhuo
COMPSCI 316 Into to Database Systems Jun Yang
COMPSCI 330 Design and Analysis of Algorithms Kamesh Munagala
COMPSCI 333 Algorithms in the Real World Brandon Fain
COMPSCI 350 Digital Systems Crosslisted with ECE
COMPSCI 351 Computer Security Nayak and Reiter
COMPSCI 356 Computer Network Architechture Maria Gorlatova
COMPSCI 371D Machine Learning Carlo Tomasi
COMPSCI 390.01 Collaborative Projects - From Concept to Delivery Brandon Fain and Robert Duvall
COMPSCI 531 Introduction to Algorithms Pankaj Agarwal
COMPSCI 532 Design and Analysis of Algorithms Rong Ge
COMPSCI 570 Artificial Intelligence Vince Conitzer
COMPSCI 590.01 Secure Software Systems Matthew Lentz
COMPSCI 590.02 Cryptocurrency & Cryptography Fan Zhang
COMPSCI 590.03 Intro to Natural Language Processing Bhuwan Dhinga and Samuel Wiseman
COMPSCI 590.04 Graph-Matrix Theory Computations & Applications Xiaobai Sun
COMPSCI 590.05 Consensus Protocols for Blockchains Kartik Nayak
COMPSCI 590.06 Private Data Analysis Ashwin Machanavajjhala
COMPSCI 590.07 Mobile App Development Business Models Hugh Thomas
COMPSCI 590.08 Networks Xiaowei Yang
COMPSCI 671D Machine Learning Cynthia Rudin
CREOLE 101 Elementary Creole I Jacques Pierre
CREOLE 203 Intermediate Creole I Jacques Pierre
CREOLE 301 Advanced Haitian Creole I Jacques Pierre
CREOLE 701 Elementary Creole I Jacques Pierre
CREOLE 703 Intermediate Creole I Jacques Pierre
CREOLE 705 Advanced Haitian Creole I Jacques Pierre
CULANTH 80S Society in Crisis Jieun Cho
CULANTH 80S War and Society Chris Webb
CULANTH 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Christine Folch
CULANTH 103FS Human Rights: Back to the Future Robin Kirk
CULANTH 114FS Making Your Case Ingrid Byerly
CULANTH 190S African Hashtag Activism Anne-Maria Makhulu
CULANTH 208FS Anthropology of Race Lee Baker
CULANTH 220FS Global Mixed Race Studies Jane Ifekwunigwe
CULANTH 223S Global Stories, Local Issues Lou Brown
CULANTH 226S Performing Brazil Katya Wesolowski
CULANTH 228FS Human Rights on Camera Rebecca Stein
CULANTH 273 Amazon.com and the Cybereconomy Orin Starn
CULANTH 290S Africa, Cuba, Brazil Randy Matory
CULANTH 302 Fieldwork Methods Orin Starn
CULANTH 350 Anthropology of Money Charlie Piot
CULANTH 360S Global Apple Ralph Litzinger
CULANTH 401S Indigenous America Diane Nelson
CULANTH 424 Medical Anthropology Harris Solomon
CULANTH 489S Senior Seminar Staff
CULANTH 520S Eco-Media Ralph Litzinger
CULANTH 526S Genealogies of the Middle East Rebecca Stein
CULANTH 535S Race, Racism and Democracy Lee Baker
DANCE 101 Introduction to Dance Purnima Shah
DANCE 110 Elementary Modern Dance Sarah Wilbur
DANCE 120 Ballet Elementary Kristen Clotfelter
DANCE 122 Ballet Intermediate New Ballet Hire
DANCE 130 African Dance Tech I NRR/TBD
DANCE 131 Capoeira: Brazillian Dance/Martial Art Katya Wesolowski
DANCE 140 Jazz Dance I Nina Wheeler
DANCE 143 Hip Hop 1 Natalie Morrone
DANCE 152 Dance Improvisation Sarah Wilbur
DANCE 210 Modern Dance Intermediate Kristin Clotfelter
DANCE 240 Jazz Dance II Nina Wheeler
DANCE 310 Modern Dance Advanced Kristin T Duncan
DANCE 320 Ballet Advanced New Ballet Hire
DANCE 325S The Black Parades Andrea Woods-Valdes
DANCE 368 Gender Performance in Dance and Theatre Purnima Shah
DANCE 422 Performance Ballet New Ballet Hire
DANCE 701S Choreographic Praxis 1 Michael Kliën
DANCE 710S Movement Research 1 Michael Kliën
DANCE 771S Theories of Corporeality Sarah Wilbur
DANCE 810S Movement Research 2 Michael Kliën
DANCE 971 Critique II Andrea Woods-Valdes
ECON 101D Economic Principles Connel Fullenkamp
ECON 104D Statistical Foundations of Econometrics and Data Science TBD
ECON 174 Financial Accounting CJ Skender
ECON 190FS Focus Program Topics in Economics - Freedom and History of Economics Bruce Caldwell
ECON 190FS Focus Program Topics in Economics - Thinking Through Models Jason Brent
ECON 201 Intermediate Microeconomics I Atila Abdulkadiroglu
ECON 204D Econometrics and Data Science Duncan Thomas
ECON 205D Intermediate Microeconomics II Peter Arcidiacono
ECON 210D Intermediate Macroeconomics Craig Burnside
ECON 255S Shakespeare & Financial Markets: Why This Time is Never Different Forlines III
ECON 256 Practical Financial Markets Emma Rasiel
ECON 305 History of International Financial and Monetary Crises Giovanni Zanalda
ECON 311 History of Economic Thought Jason Brent
ECON 337S Social Inequalities and Low Wage Work Genna Miller
ECON 339 Environmental Economics Chris Timmins
ECON 345 Urban Economics Charlie Becker
ECON 348 Women in the Economy Genna Miller