Withdrawal: Administrative (Financial and non-Financial Reasons)


If you have outstanding charges posted to your Bursar's account, you will be blocked from registering for classes. The Bursar will send email notifications and letters to you about the outstanding balance. If you are unable to clear your account prior to the start of the semester, you may be administratively withdrawn from the university. In that event, the Time Away Office will process an administrative withdrawal deleting course enrollments, cancelling housing assignments, dining plans and notify all appropriate offices. The withdrawal will be entered on your Duke transcript. As long as your account

If your financial obligations are resolved prior to the next academic term, you may request a return through the Time Away Office. Note that if you are still withdrawn once classes begin, you may not return for that term. 

Questions on financial obligations should be directed to the Bursar's Office. If you are on financial aid and having difficulties with finances, contact Financial Aid. If you are withdrawn and have student loans, you must be in touch with the Student Loan Office to complete a Student Loan Exit Interview and to receive information on how to manage any loan payments that may become due while you are not enrolled.  For questions on the process of withdrawal, contact your Academic Dean. For questions on returning from a withdrawal, contact the Time Away Office.


You may also be involuntarily withdrawn for non-compliance with academic regulations, e.g.,  you have not returned from a leave of absence within the expected time period, have left Duke without notice, or have failed to return and enroll in classes within two years of your time away. If you are administratively withdrawn for non-financial reasons, the Time Away Office will process an administrative withdrawal and notify all appropriate offices. The withdrawal will be entered on your Duke transcript. If you later wish to return, you may apply for a return through the Time Away Office.

Questions on academic requirements should go to your Academic Dean. For information on returning from a withdrawal please contact the Time Away Office.

Note: If you have been withdrawn from Duke, you are no longer an active student, are not eligible for the benefits afforded to active Duke undergraduates. 

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