Ancient Athletes

CLST 262

The athletic festivals of the ancient Greeks and Romans are among the most enduring legacies of the Classical world, and provide a particularly accessible introduction to the study of antiquity. Through examination of literary and historiographical sources (in translation) and of the material remains at the ancient sites, this course introduces students to the origins and development of the major athletic contests (especially the Olympic Games), the methods and practicalities of ancient training, and the changing role of athletics in ancient and modern education, religion, and politics. We end with a survey of the modern Olympic movement, from the nineteenth century to the present.

Explore the culture and customs of these countries: 
Greece, Italy
Explore these religions: 
Christianity, Paganism
Relevance to other majors: 
This course will ask students to critically evaluate primary source material and develop persuasive arguments. This will aid the development of essential research skills that are applicable across disciplines.
Ancient Athletes

Kyle Jazwa,

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Film, Visual & Performing Arts?
Literature in Translation?