Imagining Europe: Arts of Migration


A collaborative seminar with the Nasher Museum investigating the opposite view: that the migration of peoples, ideas, and goods has defined & enriched European cultures over centuries. Organized around works from the literary and visual arts with a historical focus.

Major authors in Romance traditions, with an emphasis on French,  including Montaigne, Froissart, Montesquieu, the ‘bohemian’, Baudelaire. Select objects from Nasher collections: drawing, statuary, portable objects in leather, metal. Critics-guides : art critic & writer, John Berger, A Seventh Man; Judith Butler, Dispossession.

Research driven, the seminar gives students the training in preparing a small experimental show at the Nasher, fall 2018. Short papers, hands-on museum practice, project investigating an object of your choosing in the show, with your final work contributing to the Museum installation.

An interdisciplinary course intended for those in French Spanish, visual studies, and comparative studies. For students seeking French credit, a separate preceptorial is offered [readings & writing in French].

Explore the culture and customs of these countries: 
France, Spain
Imagining Europe: Arts of Migration

Helen Solterer,

Crosslisting Numbers: 
LIT 274, FRENCH 429, ARTHIST 202, VMS 202
Areas of Knowledge: 
Modes of Inquiry: 
Film, Visual & Performing Arts?
Literature in Translation?