Duke Admitted Students Chat

Join Duke students as they talk to admitted students about student life, academics, pursuing interests and Durham. See the description below to skip to specific questions about academics or student life:


  • How did you decide your major and what is the first year like? 1:33
  • What’s dorm life like? How do you decide where you live and who you room with? 4:06
  • Have you ever found the academic expectations at Duke to be too overwhelming? 6:45
  • What do you find to be unique about undergraduate research at Duke? 8:39
  • What is necessary for a successful college life at Duke, financially and academically? 11:05
  • I’ve heard a lot about talking to your professors, but I’m very shy. Are the professors and teaching assistants at Duke very approachable and open? 15:19
  • What is DukeEngage like? How do you get involve with that? 16:54
  • How much time do you spend each day completing work for classes? 19:34
  • How are career/class advising programs at Duke? 20:33
  • Did you regret not attending a focus program? 23:50
  • What are the distribution requirements at Duke? Are they flexible? Do they allow you to expand your horizons or are they more of an annoyance more than anything else? How easy is it to double major? 26:52


  • How did you first make friends? 31:20
  • How big is Greek life? 33:53
  • Does the campus feel diverse and accepting of minority students? 35:50
  • What is it like to live in Durham, NC? Is the campus animated enough that you don’t really need a big city around? In general, is social life centered more around the city or the campus? 38:55
  • What do people usually do on the weekends? Is it usual to have friends from other schools come visit or are students too preoccupied with on campus activities? 43:20
  • What’s it like to come to Duke from a low-income family? How common is it to miss out on friends or opportunities because of the wealth gap? 45:30
  • What is it like to live on campus for your first three years? What options are available after then? 47:30
  • What percentage of students are international? 49:40
  • How will NC HB2 affect student life on campus? 51:11
  • Check out @DukeStudents on Spotify! 53:13
  • Is the Duke experience what you expected it to be when you applied in high school? 55:00
  • Why did you choose Duke? 59:04